Kayla (She/Her) is a queer artist and designer behind Tiny Werewolves. Alongside her pups in her Chicago studio, she creates retro graphics with modern vibes. Kayla's designs are colorful & soft with strong messages. Kayla also creates custom commissions for folks wanting a personal item. Mostly of pets, she has drawn over 300 animals for her clients (including dogs, cats, 2 horses and 1 pig)!

Her designs often focus on political and social justice topics. She likes to pair soft, retro graphics with hard hitting themes like LGBTQ rights, abortion, mental health and more. The juxtaposition of the two themes help the designs to be memorable but also fashion-forward and something that her customers want to wear and use daily. The fun, cartoon-like graphics help soften the hard edge of topics that are often hard to talk about.

In January 2022, Kayla launched a monthly sticker and magnet club. In March 2022, she began donating a portion of the sales to a featured cause or charity.

Kayla previously spent over 15 years in different design fields, mainly in children's toys and apparel.


• Trans Lives Matter • Black Lives Matter • Marriage Equality • No Human is Illegal • All Bodies Are Good Bodies • Destigmatize Mental Health • Healthcare is a Human Right • Unapologetically Pro-Choice • Abortion Is Healthcare • Pro-Vaccine • Climate Change is Real •


In April 2023, Tiny Werewolves was included in the Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago" edition, in the Buy Local Section.
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