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Our Story

Our Mission

Tiny Werewolves is an apparel, accessory, art, and home decor collection full of modern & unique prints, patterns, and embroidered designs.

We focus on bringing you quality products with original graphic designs.

Our Background

I’m an art director and product developer in the Chicago area. Most recently, I’ve been working in the toy market, developing educational toys, games, books, and stationery products. The products I helped to develop for companies have been placed in many mass market and regional stores, such as Target, Costco (USA and International), Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Menards, Meijer, Cracker Barrel, Dollar General, Five Below, and Zulily. Prior to the toy industry, I’ve worked as a graphic, technical, and production designer in the children’s and fashion markets.

While Tiny Werewolves is new, my time in the apparel and graphic design fields is not.  I have spent over 10 years experience in different design fields. It's time to branch out and create my own platform instead of always working for someone else.

Our Name

Back in 2015, my wife and I were walking to brunch and we saw a little French bulldog in the distance. I turned to her and said "Have you ever noticed that some dogs look like tiny werewolves?"

Slightly confused she replied "What?" I repeated myself. "I guess, they kinda do" she replied. 

That was the start of a beautiful inside joke.

We joked that "Tiny Werewolves" would make a great band name or a quirky business name. We tucked the ideas away, waiting for the right time.

I've always wanted a way to sell my art and products online, and so was born.