We, like many, are seeing increase fulfillment times as businesses adjust to a post-Covid workflow. As you may know, we utilize print-on-demand services so we can offer more styles with more sizes than if we printed and stored items. Because of policies around Covid, our vendors cannot operate with a full group of staff.


We are seeing the following average fulfillment times right now (as of August 11th):

Embroidered Items 2-7 business days
Mugs 5-8 business days
T-Shirts 2-7 business days
All Other Apparel 7-10 business days, usually quicker
Posters/Artwork 2-5 business days
Necklaces 8-10 business days
Stickers 1-2 business days, unless noted otherwise
Tote Bags 5-7 business days
Face Mask/Gaiters 7-12 business days


 Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.