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This month's subscriptions benefit the
Kneady Kitten Rescue in Florida.



If you’ve been watching the news at all in the last week, you’re more than aware of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, September 28th as nearly a category 5 hurricane. Watching through Tiktok throughout the day, I watch as folks broadcasted from their homes, with pretty much everyone being relatively safe on their second floors. There have been 109 people reported killed by Hurricane Ian as of yesterday (Tuesday 10/4) and the number is expected to increase as rescue teams search building that have for the last week either been underwater or unreachable.


After every major disaster, there is an increase of stray/lost animals and owner surrenders, and Ian is no different. Animals recuses are doing everything they can to prepare for the influx of new pets needing help. With homes gone, folks will more and more find themselves struggling with their own needs, let alone the needs of a pet – especially if they are without permanent housing.


Among the most fragile pets found, rescued, or surrendered are bottle baby and young kittens.


Bottle babies are exactly as the name describes – they are handfed by bottle due to no mother cat. Bottle babies are often found abandoned and usually come with added illnesses like eye and respiratory infections.


October's Donations: The Kneady Kitten Rescue, Florida

This month, we will be donating 10% of our sales to the Kneady Kitten Rescue – a Florida cat rescue based near Tampa. Since 2017, they have helped over 3,500 kittens find homes. They focus on neonatal kittens, ages 0-5 weeks and kittens stay in their care until about 8 weeks old.


Photo: Recent bottle baby at Kneady Kitten Rescue, via facebook.

Other ways to help:

Kneady Kitten Rescue has already started taking in bottle babies. They are in need of monetary donations and they have two wish lists.

Donate Directly

Amazon Wishlist


October's Sticker and Magnet Designs

This month our subscribers get one 3” stickers and/or one 3.5” magnet featuring these spooky but cute skelicat and pupkin.




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