February Clubs

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I have a confession to make - while I LOVE plants, I am really not great at keeping them alive.

Growing up in the pacific northwest, I was constantly surrounded by nature. And I think that’s why I gravitate towards florals and plants in a lot of my designs. I’m working on getting back into painting, but I also use to paint a lot of landscapes.


With Valentine’s Day in February, obvious themes include things like roses and cupids. Although I did consider an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” theme with bouquets of dead/wilted flowers, but I don’t know if enough folks would understand my humor in that. Maybe next year?


Instead, I turned to my love of succulents. What I love about them is they are much harder to kill, which I guess is also a great metaphor for love and the concept of Valentine’s Day.


This month’s sticker club will get a Heart “Prickly Pear” Cactus sticker and the magnet club will get the hanging basket magnet of “String of Hearts” (inspired from String of Pearls Succulents).


These both came out SUPER CUTE and I can’t wait to see what next month brings.


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