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So much can change in two years.


I truly cannot thank everyone enough for supporting my business over the last two years.


In December 2019, I suddenly found myself without a job. The company I spent nearly 5 years with was closing. Over those 5 years, of course there were times I thought about leaving, but at the end of the day I stayed because I really loved *what* I was doing (even if the environment left a lot to be desired). It was always cool to respond with "I design children's toys" when asked about what I did for work - it never got old seeing people's reactions, "That's SO COOL" they'd always reply.


So, when the new broke to the staff that we would not have a job come January 1st, 2020, I felt a range of emotions. Sadness for losing my job right before Christmas and days before a big vacation. Anger, wishing they would have told us sooner so we could have prepared. On the plus side, any company that asks, "why did you leave you last job?" it's an easy answer, "they closed" but on the other hand I wasn't actively looking for work and my portfolio was definitely out of date.


After the new year, I started looking for work. Things were going okay, but if you've ever applied for a creative position, you know how competitive it is. I would get up every day and search the new job listings, looking for ones that didn't already have over 50 applicants. Then Covid-19 hit the United States. By mid-March, I watched the "applied" numbers climb up into the hundreds on the same listings that would have had 50 just weeks before. As March progressed, it became quite clear that this wasn't temporary, and we needed to rethink things.


And that's when Tiny Werewolves was born.



This blog is way overdue - so I made it a 2022 goal.

Over the last 10 years, I periodically would sell my own designs and illustrations online, but never like this and never on my own site. Something I constantly struggle with is imposter syndrome (or thinking/feeling like you haven't earned or that you don't deserve success). It's so easy to compare yourself as an artist online in literally a few clicks. And that’s where this blog comes in. One of my business goals in 2022 is to share and post more consistently on social media and in this blog showing my design process and creating items.


I have some cool things planned for 2022 and I can’t wait to take you all along with me.


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