Nov. Clubs w/ Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions

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This month's subscriptions benefit the
Young at Heart Senior Pet Rescue.



According to the ASPCA, senior pets are adopted at a rate of 25% compared to the rate of younger dogs at 60%. Senior pets, usually described as pets older than 8 years old, often come with trained skills and are potty trained to go outside. 


November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

Many people pass on adopting older pet in favor of puppies that need to be fully trained. Senior pets have a lot of love to give in their golden years.


November's Donations: Young At Heart

This month, we will be donating 10% of our sales to Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions – a pet rescue based near Chicago. Young at Heart focuses on senior pet adoptions.


Young at Heart is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving the lives of senior pets. Young at Heart mainly rescues senior pets from open-door shelters, reducing the euthanasia rate for adoptable senior pets at area shelters. We will occasionally admit senior pets from situations where someone has passed away or has been admitted into assisted living as space allows. Young at Heart also provides community outreach to help keep senior pets out of shelters in the first place, from providing pet food to low-income food pantries, to educating the public on senior pet care, to helping other organizations network their senior pets. Their cageless adoption center opened September 2019.

Young at Heart’s mission is not only to save the lives of those senior pets, but also to change the way people view and treat older dog and cats, and to let senior pets enjoy the twilight of their lives through rescue, foster, adoption, and sanctuary.



November's Sticker and Magnet Designs

This month our subscribers get one 3” stickers and/or one 3.5” magnet featuring these dog gnomes in festive fall attire.





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